Technically speaking, the RC hobby is so far fetched that there is no limit for age. While kids enjoy it the most, adults can also have their share of fun. Best RC helicopter and Quadcopter are the most favorite since they can be flown indoors and outdoors too.

While simple Best RC Helicopters or RC Quadcopters suitable for kids may have stability and are smaller, for adults they come with extended features such as aerial photography, more power, more flying range and bigger attractive sizes.

No matter what your age is, flying a RC helicopter or RC Quadcopter is an instant entertainment which can also be a great learning curve for kids, and a very enjoyable, exhilarating and fun filled experience for an adult.

List of best Indoor and Outdoor RC Helicopter reviews 

List of best Indoor and Outdoor RC Quadcopter reviews

List of best Indoor and Outdoor RC Helicopter , Quadcopter Under $50 

There are so many RC helicopters and RC Quadcopters available in the market, by reviewing all of features, customer reviews, efficiency and price I got top 10 Best RC helicopters and Quadcopters from 2015 to 2016 for you which may help you to choose the best one according to your budget and demand.

Top 10 RC Helicopters and Quadcopters 2016

Above I mentioned Best RC Helicopters  and Quadcopters from 2015 to 2016 those will be best in terms of user experience , design , stability, flying time , control system and specially on price.
So the review can lessen your time to have the Best RC Helicopter or Quadcopter for yourself or your beloved one.

3.5-Ch Metal Indoor RC Helicopter: Indoor Heli for 14 years up Kids

This is one of those RC helicopters that are about perfect for beginners or kids. The body is aluminum framed while the plastic parts are made of high-quality durable plastic which makes sure it can take a lot of abuse a normal RC helicopter cannot.

s032g helicopterPrice: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.2
Flying the S032G Helicopter is very easy since it has got the added stability due to in built gyroscopic sensor.
It’s bigger and it’s better since losing control with this one is not so easy. The S032G RC Helicopter also has flashing LEDs which really look neat while in a dark environment.
On top of all these, it has got a short charging time of around 30 minutes and a flight time of nearly 10 minutes which can be considered great for a helicopter this size and this durable.

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Overall, taking all of the factors in account, this is a great buy and one of the best RC helicopter under 50 dollars for your kid’s holiday or even yourself.
Specifications at a glance:

  • Usage Type: Perfect for both indoors & outdoors.S032G RC Helicopter
  • Material : Extremely well  sturdy and crash resistant body, flashing LED red and blue lights.
  • Flight Range: 3.5 channel controls, range is 100 meters.
  • Charger: USB charger (included).
  • Charge time: It is about 35 minutes.
  • Flight time: 8-10 minutes.
  • Stability: Gyroscope enhanced stability

Safstar QS8006 Helicopter :The extra large 3.5 ch heli with GYRO 

Do you have a remote control helicopter lover in your life? Be it your child or your significant other there’s nothing more important than ensuring that they’re happy for Christmas.
With a vast amount of features and ratings that can’t be beaten this remote control helicopter is not only stylish in its blue color but is also the perfect gift.

gt qs8006Price: $$
Editor’s Rating: 3.9
Safstar QS8006 remote control helicopter just needs some batteries in the controller and it is ready to fly. Its beautiful blue finish will zoom about the house or backyard with ease the moment it’s unboxed.
There’s no waiting for the impatient and excited male in your life and they can start entertaining themselves from the moment it’s unwrapped. Making this one of the fastest toys to get used and keeping their interest for a long time.
Co-Axial blades are created and intended to make the Safstar QS8006 fly smoothly and stably. Making an extremely smooth and stable flight for indoor and outdoor purposes.
This allows for even a novice flier to fly the gt QS8006 with ease. Fly it around the house without bumping into things, and fly it outside throughout the backyard without getting it caught into trees.

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GYRO System ,This feature ensures that you can keep the copter stable even when you’re flying it straight. This helps novice fliers to keep control over the copter.
GYRO also makes take off and landings easy and effortless, providing for a smooth and easy fly. Pairing this with the Co-Axial blades mentioned above was a genius idea on the part of the designers.
Fully Installed Lighting system, The lights are exclusively so you know where it’s going and can keep track of it if it crashes. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to fly at night at all without risk of losing the copter in the darkness.
Drop and Spills Protection,These 2 and 3 year plans to ensure that if there are an accident and damage occurs that you’ll be able to replace or repair the copter without issue. It works much like a warranty and helps to keep your peace of mind.
This copter displays amazing specs but according to the reviews they just might be false. If you’re going to buy this copter, I suggest also buying the drop and spill protection along with it, just in case something occurs.
Specifications at a glance: QS8006 RC helicopter review

  • Usage type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Channel: 3.5 Channels 
  • Battery: 14.8V, 1500mAh rechargeable Lithium
  • Remote control battery: 4 x 1.5V “AA”
  • Flight time: 8-10 minutes
  • Control range: 800-100 meter

Hero RC H911 : The best indoor RC helicopter for all ages

Hero RC H911

The best indoor helicopter ever.

Price :$$
Editor’s Rating: 4.2

If you are in need of the best RC helicopter for indoor flying experience, this small sized Hero RC H911 can be your best pick.

With 4 channel motor, and powered by a 2.4 GHz LCD controller, this light compact fixed pitch helicopter has sharp maneuvers and can be flown in 2 modes.

Powered with 2 x 3.7 V 130 mAh Li-poly batteries, it gives about 8 minutes of uninterrupted flight and perfect for beginners who are prone to crashing their copters.This can seriously take a lot of crashes, thanks to its well-built body and quality materials used.

With USB and normal socket charging ability, you can charge it anyway you want. Moreover, it comes with lots of extra parts just in case you manage to destroy the stock parts, which is really important.

Extra parts include an extra battery, USB charger, one main blade, balance bar, tail blade and connect bar. This 4 Channel RC helicopter is the ready to fly model which means it requires almost no advanced RC device related knowledge to put this together and use it.

This is definitely for people who want to have lots of indoor fun with their best rc helicopter.

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Specificatioins at a glance: Hero-RC-H911 helicopter review

  • Channel: 4 channels
  • Usages type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Material: Composite plastic
  • Battery: 3.7 v 130 mAH  battery
  • Flight time: 5-7 minutes
  • Control range: 50-80 meter

Syma F1 Fiery Dragon Armor : A long lasting and rich featured RC helicopter

F1-fiery-dragon-armor-helicopterPrice: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.3

With about 21 inches length, this RC helicopter certainly is in the bigger category of RC helicopters. If you want a stable flying unit, this is the perfect fit. Driven by a 3.5 channel motor, it certainly has enough power to withstand light breeze conditions and better be flown outdoors.

A 2.4 GHz transmitter controls the flight operations and this is easier to operate for beginners and professionals alike. The Syma F1 fiery dragon armor can handle crashes well because of the durability and build of its body.

Seeing from the operation perspective, this is easier to operate and being more stable than other 3.5 channel versions available around, it’s perfect for handling by newbies.

The single rotor RC helicopter is really thriling and everything on air is easily visible through the LCD panel on the transmitter. With about 60 minutes of charging, the Syma F1 fiery dragon armor offers about more than 10 minutes of flight time. This is one of the best RC helicopter models which are just perfect for all age (12+) and more than just a toy.

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Specification at a glance:
  • 3.5 Channel outdoor RC helicopter
  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter frequency
  • 21 inches body length
  • Single speed flying mode

MJX F646 F46: The powerful, Mid Size and stable 4 channel RC Helicopter for both indoor outdoor usages

Price: $$
Editor’s Rating:4.1

“The bigger it gets, the better it is“, stands true for all RC helicopter hobbyists around the world. The MJX F646 F46 helicopter is a stunning performer when it comes to stable and easy to control yet a powerful hobby grade rc helicopter.

The 4 channel motor offers more control and the transmitter featuring 2.4 GHz frequency makes sure that MJX F646 F46 doesn’t fall out of sky just like that.

Build quality is great and perfect for both outdoor and indoor flights with a few crashes owing exclusively to the plastic body. Because of this MJX F646 F46 helicopter’s great power and well control it would be a wise decision to have with it in outdoor but if one have strong control knowledge of RC Heli then indoor could be a flying zone .

The MJX F646 F46 helicopter handles on takeoff just like any other single rotor types with a tilt to the left yet, once airborne you can experience the stability factor of this chopper supplied by the superior MEMS Gyro. The remote has a variety of selection modes and power options which can be set by percentage.This is extremely useful for novice pilots.

 Other than the full metal body 4 channel RC helicopter, you can find spare main and tail blades, wall charger, 7.4 v 700 mAh battery, inside the package. This is available in both red and green variants.

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Specifications at a glance: MJX-F646 RC Helicopter review

  • Usages type: Both indoor and outdoor 
  • Material: Plastic body
  • Battery: 7.4 v 700 mAh
  • Flight time: 10-12 minutes
  • Control range: >60 meter

Lutema 28 Inch R/C Helicopter enhanced with LEDs and stability

Lutema 28 Inch R/C Helicopter review

Fantastic Lutema 28 Inch R/C Helicopter

Price: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.0

Unmatched stability and control is what Lutema promises with this 28 inch RC helicopter and it has delivered its promise. A 3.5 channel control drives the motor and also being large in size, the RC helicopter is perfect for outdoor flying sessions.

At 28 inches this is fairly large, but this is not an issue while the large size adds weight and momentum while flying, it also enhances stability with it’s built in gyro sensor.

It is perfect for camera sessions if you want to catch a high flyer view of your neighborhood. With 2.4 GHz sensor, the transmitter is capable of flying the RC helicopter up to a 30m radius.

The LEDs provided is real nice to look at and can be turned OFF / ON through remote in mid-flight. These LEDs are bright enough for night time flying as it adds to the fun factor even more. The unit is also ready to fly when received, that means you do not have to be technical and put together a whole kit of mechanical parts to make it fly.

Just charge it and you are ready for your first flight. Other than the helicopter and remote itself, the package contains a wall charger, extra blades and instruction manual. The Lutema 28 inch helicopter (with its fabulous metal framing) is one of the best RC helicopter models for beginners who want to try on the big birds.

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Specifications at a glance: Lutema-large- Remote control helicopter

  • Usage type: Outdoor
  • Flight time: ~ 10-12
  • Flight range: >70 meter
  • Channel: 3.5 Channel RC helicopter
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz Transmitter frequency
  • Material: Metal body framing
  • Led type: Bright LEDs

Haktoys HAK303: Mini 3.5 Channels indoor helicopter with full array of amazing features

Haktoys Hak303 helicopterPrice: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.1

Haktoys HAK303 is another one of the 4 channel mini helicopters which lets users have the ultimate indoor entertainment. This is a small model just about 8 inches in length but still fully capable of outdoor flight and have an operating radius of 50 feet which is more than enough for a small copter like this.

Haktoys HAK303 comes loaded with some of the best feature imaginable in such a small item. Firstly, adjustable speed mode is available so you can set it as you want while flying indoors or outdoors.

Secondly, the battery (3.7 v 180mAh rechargeable Li-ion) charging time of this is at 30 minutes, way less than normal, which is around or more than an hour. It gives a flight time of 6-8 minutes on a single charge. The built in gyroscope, true pitch blades controlled by dual servos help giving the copter an ultimate sense of agility in direction change and stability factors.

This is one of the best RC helicopter models which has almost all the features and ability a top of the line RC helicopter can offer. The package contains the RC helicopter, remote, 3.7v 180 mAh li-ion battery, usb charger, spare main and tail blades and instruction manual.

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Specifications at a glance: HAK-303 indoor RC helicopter

  • Usages type: Indor/Outdoor
  • Flight time: 6-8 minutes
  • Material: Plastic body
  • Channel: 4 Channel indoor RC helicopter
  • Battery: 3.7 v 180 mAH battery
  • Flight range: >50 feet flight radius
  • Direction: 360 Degree Precise Directional Movement

Quadrone Pro: Enabled with 360 degree flipping ability

Best flipping Quadrone Pro


Editor’s Rating:4.1

This lightweight 2.4 GHz remote controlled flying device is only 1.3 pounds in weight and equipped with a lot of features you are going to love about it. The flying radius of this RC Quadcopter is about 100 meters which is surely brilliant.

The flight capabilities are extraordinary and also easy to master with few trials. It can maneuver at various positions like up / down / backward / forward and sideways as an usual quadcopter and also can do a 360 degree flip with a dedicated 3D switch. The make of the Quadrone Pro is sturdy and comes with anti-crash shields so that first time flights are always tension free.

The remote controller is sensitive and offers an array of settings for fine tuning your flights. The device is powered by a 3.7 volt rechargeable battery. Choosing the best RC helicopter for yourself may not be that much of a problem, but starting with the right one is. Quadcopters can give a rundown of all the basics of aerial flight and this one takes things a notch further. With all that the tricks the Quadrone Pro is capable of, it’s a perfect entertainment package for all ages. It comes packaged with remote, mini screw driver, USB charger, protective cage, 4 extra blades.

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Features at a glance: Quadrone-pro RC outdoor Quadcopter

  • Usages type: Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz transmitter frequency
  •  Direction: 360 degree flip
  • Camera: Go pro camera
  • Channel: 2.4 GHZ 4 channel
  • Protection: Anti crash technology
  • Specialty: Auto return capability

DJI Phantom 2: V2.0 RTF Quadcopter for  beginners to professionals with smooth video recording

DJI Phantom 2

Ever best aerial video Quadcopter

Price: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.2

Looking for something professional along the lines of RC flyer device means a huge amount of time consuming research. But with DJI phantom 2 V2 not much things can go wrong if you know how to handle a RC Quadcopter.

A few sets of training will get you to control the feature rich RC flyer. It is equipped with 5200 mAh rechargeable battery which provides 20-25 minutes of flight and also the remote comes with rechargeable batteries too. The huge range (300 ft) of the quadcopter ensures that you never lose control, also, if you seem to somehow manage to lose it, the quadcopter’s failsafe mechanism kicks in and it returns home unassisted.

This device is a perfect one for shooting aerial videos on demand. Its GPS system offers accurate hovering, stability and position lock allowing shooting perfect videos you always wanted. Also, it comes with Zenmuse H3 3D tri axis gimbal for camera stability and control. Data feedback system offers battery remaining, altitude, position, GPS location and an array of flight data for precision control and operation. Final verdict is, this is by far one of the best rc helicopter you can select for yourself if you are a pro in controlling RC Quadcopters.

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Specifications at a glance: DJI-Phantom-Outdoor-RC-Quadcopter

  • Usages type:  Outdoor/Indoor
  • Crash protection : Anti crash protection
  • Battery: 5,200-mAh lithium polymer (LiPo)
  • Camera: Go pro camera compatible
  • GPS: GPS assisted flight
  • Flight time: >28 minutes of flight time
  • Flight range: >100 Meter
  • Direction: 360 degree

Holy Stone mini RC Quadcopter : A perfect beginners / kids Quadcopter 

Holy Stone mini Quadcopter

Price: $$
Editor’s Rating: 3.9

Small RC helicopters and RC RC Quadcopters have always been favorites among a lot of people. The 4 channel 2.4 Ghz holy stone mini Best RC Quadcopter is a delight to play with. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike; this mini quad packs in a lot of features which makes this a big hot among its users.

The amazing flight range of 300 feet along with a flight time of around 8 minutes (battery: 3.7v 350 mAh battery) is perfect for recording videos. It comes with a 2MP video cam capable of recording 720p videos. Though it doesn’t fare well with strong winds, still, it can handle light breeze. Most high end models have return to home feature and this also have this advantage and at times, this proves to be a very useful one.

The maneuver options are great thanks to its 6 axis gyroscope for stability, offering you 360 degree flips, hover, forward backward, sideways turning and also settings that can regulate the flying strength at various percentage levels and the last feature makes it an easy learning device. Best rc helicopter models can be hard to select since each is unique in their own abilities, but selecting the right one to start with makes a difference. Other than the remote and the copter itself, the package contains an USB charger, 8 extra blades, an extra 3.7 v 350 mAh batteries, instruction manual and a 2 GB mini SD card with card reader.

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Specifications at a glance: Holy-Stone-mini-RC-Indoor-Helicopter

  • Usages type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flight range: 30-35 meter
  • Direction: 360 degree
  • Camera:  1280 x 720 px camera
  • Channel: 4 Channel RC Quadcopter
  • Flight time: 6-8 minutes
  • Remote control battery: 4 x 1.5V AA
  • 6 axis gyroscope

HAKtoys HAK904C :  Best rated Quadcopter in the  price range with loop function

Haktoys Hak 904C Quadcopter

Price: $$
Editor’s Rating: 4.7

This 2.4 GHz transmitter fitted drone sports a 6 axis gyroscope with auto stabilizer which offers ultimate stability to this 17 inch Best RC Quadcopter. The 7 to 9 minutes fun filled flight time is a result of about only half an hour of charging which is pretty much the standard for RC copters in this price range. If you have spare batteries, you can also opt for simultaneous flights but as with all RC helicopters it is best if you let the motors cool down for a couple of minutes between.

This 4 channel motor driven quad can perform a variety of stunts and being camera ready. There are 3 modes which can be switched in between to get the required amount of power you can handle. Surely, this can be fitted with a camera if you want to enjoy the aerial visuals.

This Hak 904C bird is powered by 1.5v AA rechargeable Li-Po battery. This Hak 904C Quadcopter performs along the top of the line Quadcopters several times the price and can be the best RC copter if compared to similar valued devices. Lastly, this is a favored option if you are a light or indoor flyer and beginning to experience the Quadcopter fun and this does not mean professionals don’t love this model. This one has been the stepping stone for many who ventured in to this hobby.

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Specifications at a glance HAK-904-RC-Quadcopter

  • Usages type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • FAA Drone Registration: Not needed
  • Material: Recycable material
  • Flight time: 7-10 minutes
  • Flight range: >350 feet
  • Direction: 360 degree
  • 6 axis gyroscope

Guideline: Things to consider before buying Best RC Helicopter & Quadcopter

Best RC Helicopter and Quadcopter guideline

Before choosing the Best RC Helicopter or Quadcopter some issues are needed to consider . You have a handsome budget that does not mean you can get the Best RC helicopter , only if you have the knowledge on some points about it that may help you to get perfect one for yourself or someone you loved. Even if you are in tight budget also you can have Best RC Helicopters and Best RC Quadcopter , where as you can buy it under 50.

In briefly you should consider below points while you going to choose the best RC Helicopter  and Quadcopter:


Whether you are buying for yourself or somebody else, budget is a crucial factor that helps in determining what helicopter model you chose for yourself.

The extensive range of products available starts from as low as $20 to above $3000. So, if you have a fixed budget, it will help in determining which model will be the Best RC Helicopter or Best RC Quadcopter for you. Check here the Best RC Helicopter under 50 and Best RC Quadcopter under 50 when you are in tight budget.

As you move up the budget ladder, features and specs can blind you enough and that’s where the restrained budget of yours kicks in to restrict you to the best choice in your pocket friendly range. Also, RC helicopters and Quadcopters need a little bit of maintenance and it can cost you some to service the big boys and even the little birds.

Editor’s Choice Best budget Quadcopter and Helicopter : Click on the image to check the details on Amazon

Best RC Quadcopter 2014SYMA-111-G-RC-Helicopter


The number of channels

The number of channels defines the amount of movement the helicopter is allowed to do. A simple two-channel helicopter is only able to fly forward while the ones with three channels are able to perform all the basic normal maneuvers like forward backward sideways etc. While a four channel one can do a lot more than normal maneuvers including 360 degree flips, etc. It also very true when you are to get a RC Quadcopter , the more channels the more control and movement in air .

Flight range

Many beginners fail to understand specs and what they stand for. There are basically two types of controls that operate RC Helicopters and RC Quadcopters. One is infrared and the other is Radio Frequency. The infrared type has very short operation radius, sometimes just a few feet while the RF type offers larger distances 100 meters being a standard for medium to low range helicopters and Quadcopter.

Also, infrared type controls gets messed up in direct sunlight and thus not at all good for outdoor flying. Also, the more flight range a helicopter has, the more powerful it is and can cause damage if not operated sensibly.

Editor’s choice wide flight ranged RC helicopter and Quadcopter: Click on the Image to get details on Amazon




Now a day for surveillance and aerial photography RC Quadcopter is very best choice to all. Someone tries to keep the memory of wedding and other special occasion live forever from different angle like from roof top or sky. For this RC Quadcopter with camera is ultimate solution to make it realistic . When the camera is considerable so , need to check out whether it’s weight is balanced with the RC Quadcopter or not. A balanced ratio between resolution of camera and stability of RC Quadcopter can make a good combination to have good quality videos and still pictures.

Editor’s Choice   Best Helicopter and Quadcopter with Camera: Click on Image to get details on Amazon



The make and build of the body play a huge role in a selection of your RC Helicopter and Quadcopter. If you are on an advanced stage you can opt for models which are a little bit delicate rather than a carbon fiber body. Most beginners should go for durable plastic and carbon fiber or metal builds since these takes the least amount of damage during crashes.

Available in a number of selection, ranging from alloy, metals even wood and fiberglass, you should select what you think should be perfect according to your use.

Replacement parts

This is a very important point which beginners and novices overlook very often. While beginning your RC journey you are very prone to crashing your favorite toy. No matter how durable your helicopter is, remember, it contains moving parts. Hence, the possibility of getting something damaged some way or the other is a lot.

While some models come with replacement parts available at every retailer, some model does not have any available. This problem can render your favorite entertainment device useless. Before buying, it is important to see if parts can be obtained and if possible, buying some spare parts with the device itself is a great idea.

 Here More buying tips and guideline for best Indoor and Outdoor RC Helicopter 2016

Final words about Best RC Helicopter & Quadcopter

Ranging from tiny Best RC Helicopter and drones/Quadcopter to massive 24 inches, all these Best RC helicopter and RC quadcopter offer fun beyond normal entertainment. This hobby can get quite addictive once you get the hang of flying your helicopter blazing through the sky and recording the awesome aerial videos.

Though choosing the best RC helicopter or quadcopter is always the right decision, but also choosing the right one to fit your needs and your entertainment portfolio is really important. The above article has definitely given you an idea of the best RC helicopter and best RC Quadcopters models available in the market and what special features each of them possess. The list is made with liking from a vast diversity of RC hobbyists and their favorite gizmos to play with.