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Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter : The attractive one for kids

Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter : The attractive one for kids Admin
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Are you a quadcopter or helicopter enthusiast? Would you like to enjoy your free time flying a remote controlled one? You can pause on our page, as we have a review of the best RC quadcopter. Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter is one of the famous RC drones’ in the market currently.
It comes with superior features making it ideal for leisure and photography. The stylish UFO design coupled with high performance will stun you. So, there is no need to stay bored when you can make use of technology to brighten your day. Regarding price, the RC drone’ is cheap thus will not leave your pockets dry.

Features of Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter

Headless mode

At many times different helicopters and quadcopters, are designed bearing a head section. This can make the device less convenient.

Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter review

This is because it can only move in one direction. However, Cheerwing U845 can fly in a headless mode. By doing so, it allows the drone to fly in any direction without any problem. The features reduce collision and crashing incidences.

Additionally, for amateur pilots, it makes it easy to fly the device without crashing. With it, you enjoy a non-spot flying with little effort.

High definition (HD) camera

The fun of operating a RC drone’ isn’t just flying. It needs some of the added features to keep the pilot engaged. A camera is one of the primary enhancements today.

Best RC Quadcopter

It offers a chance to take photos or live recording as it flies. Now, the Cheerwing U845 Wifi is no exception. It has a 720P HD Wifi camera, allowing first person view (FVP) through a smartphone. 

This is important as one can have a glimpse of inaccessible areas through this device. It’s compatible with iOS and Android powered devices.

Power tracking alarm

When flying a drone, it’s important to be aware of the available charge. Unlike other drones, this one has a power tracking feature on the remote control. When the power is getting low, the remote will beep.

This allows the pilot to return the quadcopter. Besides the beeping alarm, it also indicates the level of power available through the LCD screen. The drone comes with double Li-ions rechargeable batteries with runtime capacity of s 6-9 minute. It’s useful as it prevents you from losing your drone.

Secured propellers

The drone construction is outstanding inspired by UFO designed shape. The majority of available helicopters and quadcopters have unprotected propellers. This makes them vulnerable to damage upon colliding with other objects.
Cheerwing has gone step ahead in enhancing U845 Wifi propellers safety and durability.

Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter

They are integrated into the body thus more secure. In the case of collision, the propellers are encased by the drone’s body.
Their configuration is also useful when the drone is performing 360 degrees flips functions. Moreover, they are helpful in enabling the drone fly in all directions through gravity induction.

High performances frequencies (2.4GHz)

When having a high performing drone, it increases the fun when flying and accuracy. This is because operating is simple. With just a button press it responds instantly. Now, with this drone, you can do more than flying.

Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter the best rc quadcopter

It works on 2.4GHz remote control thus very efficient. It means that you can perform complete flip overs without fear of damaging the device. This feature makes it one of the most efficient drones in the market.
The transmitters also enable the controller to fly the quadcopter to a range of 87-109 yards. The drone is designed to give you ultimate fun through incredible maneuverability.


Benefits of Customers

Many customers buy drones to fly them during their leisure time. Of which, is a prudent idea. However, with revolutionized drones, one can use them for varieties of activities.

  • U845 Wifi FPV is a capable drone.

It gives the user an ultimate experience through compatibility with smartphones. Also, it comes with a heavy-duty rechargeable battery capable of flying device for over 6 minutes.
It is also possible to get the real-time events through the high definition camera. Above all, the quadcopter has excellent functioning.

  • Incredible ability to fly in all directions with flips

It can perform incredible maneuvers like flips overs and fly in all direction.
When the battery is low, you just use return home button, and it automatically returns and lands safely.

Best RC Quadcopter

  • Relatively low price

Despite this drone having many outstanding features and benefits, its price is unbeatable. Comparing it with other same level quadcopters, it beat them all. For instance DBPOWER UDI U845 Wifi quadcopter has similar features but cost $10 more dollars.
The Cheerwing U845 Wifi drone cost is a minimal figure on Amazon. The price is justified according to the available features. This includes free shipping, extra battery, and spare propellers.

The best way to use Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter

No, if you are a drone’s lover, there are many ways to use a drone. The U845 Wifi quadcopter is ideal for aerial video recording and photographing on inaccessible areas. This drone has a Wifi enabled camera.
It can transmit live HD videos on distances of 32-43 yards. However, beyond that range, it can record on its 4 GB micro SD card.
The other use is security surveillance. Its powerful high definition camera is ideal for monitoring your compound. It enables you to experience the real time recording of what is happening in your compound while still indoors.
Others include practicing how to fly drones for newbies.

Customer Scores for the quadcopter

  • On our review the drone scores above the average. The primary concentration is on the camera. It is high definition thus produced sharp videos.
  • Further, being Wifi enabled is ideal as the pilot can know what is happening in real time.
    Additionally, connectivity with smartphones is excellent as it facilitates live recording and HD pictures.
  • Security of vital features is a guarantee. The UFO design ensures that the propellers and other components are safe. It copes well with crashes and collisions with other objects. The remote is configured to enable for slow and fast flying. Thus, everyone can fly it whether beginner or experienced pilots
    The only issues with this drones according to customers is the memory card size.
  •  The camera can support 64 GB, but it comes with 4 GB. On average, the drone is rated 3.4 out of 5 stars after 61 reviews.

Is Cheerwing U845 Wifi the best drone best RC quadcopter?

The drone can be classified as one of the best RC quadcopters in the market. This is when we base it on the customer responses and features.
Compared to other drones of its class, it is lightweight, has a heavy-duty camera and higher range of operation.
The security measures are commendable and the general performance. When you look at the battery performance, it is better performing and comes with an extra battery. When flying, the LED light makes the process lively, not forgetting the return key buttons for automatic return and easy landing.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • It’s lightweight and easy to control
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries


  • Its memory card has limited storages space; 4GB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a tablet fit on tablet fit on the remote control panel?
A: No, it’s designed for smartphones
Q: Is the drone able to hoover?
A: yes, it can but not for an extended period

The Final Words

As we have seen in the above review, Cheerwing U845 Wifi is so far among the best RC quadcopter. It has all the qualities that a drone enthusiast needs. You can trust its quality, durability, and reliability.
The sleek design will keep you motivated always you fly it. This is when coupled with travel lights. There is no need to keep stuck on your outdated drone, buy Cheerwing U845 Wifi Quadcopter and enjoy the ultimate flying experience in your home.  


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