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Ei-Hi S20C Mirage 2.4GHz Headless Auto Return RC QuadcopterReview

Ei-Hi S20C Mirage 2.4GHz Headless Auto Return RC QuadcopterReview Admin

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A good electronic toy can be a source of fun and good times for family, friends or you as an individual buying it for yourself.

One such toy is the ei-hi s20c RC quadcopter UFO. For first time helicopter and drone buyers, a quadcopter is like a helicopter but with four rotors in a square arrangement around the body.

The ei-hi s20c is an amazing toy with amazing features aimed at making your flight experience memorable and super enjoyable.

It is great for children due to its safety features and for older kids or adults due to its high-tech design, speed and abilities. How good is it? This EI-HI S20C REVIEW explains it all.

EI-HI S20C Mirage REVIEW: All features of the device

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Ei-Hi S20C Quadcopter

During the fly we got the best Gyro system which can easily control the quadcopter in the sky.

The ei-hi s20c RC quadcopter has managed to compete in the heli and drone market due to it amazing specifications and great reviews from satisfied users. To know better about it read the comprehensive EI-HI S20C REVIEW below.

6 Axis Gyro System: The device responds to your command

This is a system designed to increase safety and stability of the quadcopter. It does this by making the quadcopter more sensitive and responsive to slight command changes.

The system is also equipped with sensors that allow you to tell when there is a significant change in altitude and make necessary adjustments.

It comes in handy with inexperienced fliers and children by reducing possibilities of crashing.This makes it a whole lot of fun to use without always having to be worried about destroying your prized toy.


Remote Control: Easy to handle in the range of 100 M

The ei-hi s20c is controlled around 100M using a 2.4 GHz frequency remote controller. It contains buttons, switches, control pads and a screen. The buttons and control pads are for you to control the speed and direction of the quadcopter.

Ei-Hi S911C reviewThe remote control is made using spread spectrum technology, it is also has anti-interference ability. No signal interference occurs if more sky devices play in same place.

The screen makes it possible to monitor the flight status in terms or altitude, speed and distance from the controller. It also receives images and video transmissions from the camera on the ei-hi s20c quadcopter.

The remote controller operates using a four channel function making it easier to understand. It is also not too large thus allowing users of any age and hand size to control without any trouble.

HD Video Camera: Bird’s view from the ground

Ei Hi S20c mirage QuadcopterImagine getting a bird’s view of your back yard or your local park. This is possible with the ei-hi  s20c RC quadcopter as it is one of the few of its kind that is equipped with a camera.

The static free camera is located on the front part of the quadcopter’s body. It has a 720 HD camera for high quality images. It transmits images captured as well as live video feeds to the remote control screen.

This is an amazing feature because it allows the flier to have a record of the amazing flight experiences and sights seen. The camera is operated using the remote control. The control has a micro SD Card slot and a 2GB memory cards which can be used to store the images and videos.

Light Weight and Durable Material: Ensure the long-lasting

This quadcopter model is one of the big in the market. Despite its size it weighs is comparatively low making it easier to control in flight and handle when not in use.

The quadcopter is made of high quality material including steel frames, rubber reinforcement and strong plastic blades. These make it crash resistant and increase longevity of service. The materials also contribute a great deal to the lightness if the quadcopter despite its size.

Ei-Hi S20C Huge Quadcopter

With 6 axis gyro system the aircraft has four channel function which provide stable flying. Remote distance more than 30m and flying time 9 minutes with a single charge. It is easy to install and repair cause of modular design.

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750 mAh Battery: Enjoy long flying time with a full charged battery

It hasEi-Hi S911C Huge UFO battery a 3.7V 750mAh rechargeable li-polymer battery. The package comes with a charger for the quadcopter.

It takes at least 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged. After this you can enjoy 9 to 10 minutes of pure bliss with the toy. The battery powers the LED light, the camera and the motors.


3D flight & 360 degree flips : Enjoyable moment by the Sky dancer 

In layman’s terms, these features mean that you can move your quadcopter in absolutely any direction; up, down, forward, backward and so on.

This makes it flexible and easy to maneuver. The feature proves to be an advantage when the ei hi s20c is being flown in an environment with many obstacles for example trees where you need to make sudden direction changes.

This makes ei hi s20c an excellent choice for fliers of any age who enjoy speed and control.


  1. Long flight control range of 100 meters.
  2. Strong material making it crash proof.
  3. Increased stability by the 6 axis gyro system.
  4. Presence of a camera for capturing memories.
  5. It is resistant to strong wind.
  6. 360 degree range of motion increases maneuverability and flexibility.
  7. Rechargeable battery.


  1. Short flight time of 8-10 minutes.
  2. Large size limits it to outdoor use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there any way to increase the transmission distance?

A. You can increase transmission distance by flying in an open area. However, this distance cannot exceed 100 meters.

Q. How can increase battery life and thus increase flight time?

A. The battery on the quadcopter is shared by the motor, camera and LED light. If possible, switch off the camera and the light to get at least 2 more minutes of flight time.

Q. In the event of damage during a crash, will I have to get a new quadcopter?

A. No. The ei-hi s20c RC quadcopter is made of tough and durable material making damage difficult. However, most of the parts are available online with DIY fixing instructions.

Final verdict

The ei-hi s20c quadcopter is definitely a worthy investment. It is a popular birthday gift for children but can also be enjoyed by adults.

The cutting edge design and technology applied will give you a flight experience worth remembering. And if you have poor memory, you can always use the camera on the quadcopter to immortalize those amazing moments.

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