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Haktoys HAK738C 2.4GHz Large 30″ Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter (Micro SD Card Included) Review

Haktoys HAK738C 2.4GHz Large 30″ Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter (Micro SD Card Included) Review Admin
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Haktoys HAK 738C Review


Are you fed up with the substandard toys that never satisfy either you or your kids? Are you tired of always having to buy new toy air crafts as they crash immediately they leave the ground?

Haktoys has a solution for you. The all modern Haktoys HAK 738C is not only durable but also has adjustable speed that allows your child to fly it fast or slow depending on the environment.

Read below for our more detailed Haktoys HAK 738C review.

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Haktoys HAK 738C Review

It is guaranteed to offer maximum satisfaction as it offers up to 300 feet of flight range with 12 minutes of flight time.

Haktoys maintains a standard  before release a toy which ensure the quality of the product. Have a brief look on all of features Haktoys HAK 738C.

Features of Haktoys HAK 738C

Most of RC helicopters have some common features , here we try to focus on the most special features which make this one stands out than others.

Haktoys HAK 738C

Multicolor LED ,Optimum charge time, huge video recording capability - all of indicators are pointing that it is a really awesome copter to gift someone who is our beloved.

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It is a full package of product

The Haktoys HAK 738C comes as a package that contains one helicopter, a 2.4 GHz remote control, a micro SD card with its card reader, an AC wall charger, a screwdriver, an instructions manual and 8 1.5 V AA batteries that are meant for the remote control.

Basically, the package is complete and once it is delivered you don’t need to go around looking for additional parts for the copter to fly. It is worth noting that the charger uses standard USB technology and can be charged in the same way that modern mobile devices are.

Adequate dimensions and weight

The copter measures 30 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. Its main rotor has a diameter of 20.4 inches while the height is 10.1 inches. When fully assembled, it weighs 1.29 lbs.

The light weight and fairly small size is just adequate to allow the power that is generated to enable flight and still remain visible. Unless it gets hidden in trees and other objects, it is almost impossible to lose this toy craft. This is an essential factor considering that it is targeted for kids who are as young as 8 years old.

High quality recording capabilities

Haktoys HAK 738C

Like other HAKToy products , Haktoys HAK 738C is awesome in quality measurement. Some unique qualities make it special like long flying time, big battery, all parts in a package .

The Haktoys HAK 738C is fitted with an in-built camera that has both picture and video recording capabilities. The quality of the recordings is enhanced considering that the copter has a 2.4 GHz remote control which offers very good and stable control.

It also comes with a built-in gyroscope which ensures that there is smooth hovering performance as well as maximum stability of the copter. These features come in handy when there is a need for stable videos and pictures.

Standard Control System

The copter comes with a remote control which has a frequency of 2.4 GHz. It allows variation of frequencies so that two or more copters can be flown at the same time without the frequencies interfering. It has 3.5 channels for forward and backward, up and down and clockwise and anticlockwise.

The control systems are managed by the single rear rotor and the coaxial rotor which allow for 360 degree directional movements and rolls. Therefore, this toy craft can be used to maneuver through places that most others cannot.

Readily available spare parts

Haktoys HAK 738C ReviewThe original package does not come with spare parts. However, some of the parts are available for retail purchase in selected distributors.

The spare parts package comes with 4 main blades, 4 main grips, 1 balance bar, 2 connect buckles and 1 tail blade.

These parts are products of the copters manufacturer (Haktoys) and therefore whenever you buy them you don’t need to worry about their compatibility, originality and durability. The spare parts package is necessary as a precaution for a rainy day (not literally).

Durable physical features

The Haktoys HAK 738C comes as a ready-to-go product. Once it is delivered all you need to do is unpack it start enjoying its entertainment.

Its body is made of alloy metal and the flybars and blades are made to be elastic so that the whole copter can withstand crashes without damage.

It is fitted with brightly collared LED lights that allow visibility during the night. The paint job is pretty detailed and this makes it very appealing to the eye

Reliable and sufficient power supply

Haktoys HAK 738C ReviewThe Haktoys HAK 738C has an in-built 7.4V 1500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery. It uses electric fuel which is consumed depending on the mode of speed. Generally, there are two modes of speed; slow and fast.

The remote control has options for controlling the speed. The battery takes about 2 to 3 hours of charge time. When it is fully charged, it can supply power for 8 to 12 minutes when the craft is fully engaged. The power is adequate for a flight of up to 300 feet high and the craft can withstand up to 5 mph breezes.


  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Manufacturer’s spare parts are available for purchase
  • It is strong enough to withstand winds of up to 5 mph.
  • It is made of recyclable materials
  • It has multi-color LED lights for night visibility
  • It can record video and pictures in HD


  • The remote does not have a LED screen
  • The 8 to 12 minutes flight time is short
  • It cannot carry any additional weight

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much weight can this carry, if I wanted to attach my own camera?

A: This toy is not designed to carry an external camera. It could damage the motors and make hard to control it.

Q: Can you purchase extra batteries and the memory card?

A: Yes you can buy extra batteries and more memory card

Q: some people complained the camera points straight down. Can it be adjusted to different angles?

A: Yes. You can take your thumb and move the angle of the camera forward or backward. It will pivot on the center section.

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Final Verdict

The Haktoys HAK 738C has won the hearts of many kids and parents alike. In Amazon, it has a 4.0 stars rating out of the possible 5. This is justified by its outstanding features such as ability to record at night. Therefore, if you desire to buy a toy that will last very long and offer satisfaction as well, this is definitely the right one.



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