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Red and Black Cool Wltoys V913 Brushless Helicopter Review

Red and Black Cool Wltoys V913 Brushless Helicopter Review Admin
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v913 brushless rc helicopter

There are a lot of ways people choose to have outdoor fun. RC toys have a huge fan list filled with people of all ages. Why not? The enthusiasm for this kind of hobbies does not cease that easily. Flying RC helicopters may not seem a very hard to master skill, but every RC helicopter pilot know what it takes to be a skilled RC flyer.

Below is wltoys V913 Brushless review, showing you one of the smart RC helicopters that can be a great new addition to your RC inventory. It’s capable, it’s bigger and the bigger the toys get, the more fun it gives.

Wltoys V913 Brushless Review

Below features of wltoys V913 Brushless  with detailed review focused on how this RC helicopter is a bit different than others . Basically maintaining standard features with some modification Wltoys V913 Brushless came as better one in the market . Have a brief look on the detailed features–

Features of Wltoys V913 Brushless

Some awesome features which created differentiate between this RC helicopter to others. Wltoys V913 Brushless review helps you to take the decision easily why you should choose as your copter:

3D Action for eye catching performance

This model helicopter can maneuver exactly like a real life one. The easy controls and the stability offered in the wltoys v913 allow it to move in every direction as required.

Some of the skills it possesses include normal flying abilities i.e.; front, back, up, down, directions, right turn, left turn. It can also move sideways and perform 360 degree rotation with ease. The hovering of this RC helicopter is a very stable one, thanks to the enhanced stability factor.

wltoys v913 brushless

2.4 GHz Technology lets you play with others

It is always more fun to fly together with friends or participate with RC helicopters racers from your vicinity. Most of the times, there are issues with interference due to multiple crafts flying with low frequency sensors.

The 2.4 GHz allows it to take part in flying events and even races with multiple RC Helicopters. It does not interfere with other craft’s frequency giving you ultimate control ability and hence giving a satisfying flying experience.

Large control distance for long range competitions

Most RC helicopters within this price range have mere control distance coverage of 150 meters. This poses a lot of problems including crashes and total loss of the toy. With a support range of 200 meters you can surely fly this little helicopter as much as you want.

Even sometimes going beyond eyesight but not losing your control. Large control radius also comes in handy when you are preparing for participating in RC events.

Flight time and batteries offer optimal playtime

wltoys v913 battriesWLtoys V913 RC helicopter comes equipped with one 7.4 volt ( 1500 mAh ) rechargeable battery. This power pack provides it with a continuous flight time of about 8 minutes. Recharging this device takes about a full hour.

This also helps in motor cool down. If the motor is not cooled down after operation, there are chances that it might get damaged, resulting in crash or malfunction. The remote is operated with 7.4 volt AA sized batteries and is quite a joy to operate.

Aerodynamic design and stability and thus awesome controls

If you are looking for a mid-sized RC helicopter that offers a good amount of stability in its movements, this is the one to look for. The design is extremely aerodynamic with smooth edges and clear cut easy air flow depressions.

The body is made of durable plastic parts which can take a good amount of beating. Owing to the factor that this is RC helicopter weighs around 1848 g, its powerful motors and controls helps it give a good amount of wind resistance.

Easy to maintain and fix , no throwing away cause something broke

Frustration gets raised to RC helicopters lovers due to lack of replacement parts. RC lovers and most people who love their toys cannot stand the limitation of not pushing the capabilities of their toys to limits.

This results in crashes and frequent maintenance routines. Even if you are operating by the guide, it is hard to keep your device operating year after year with stock parts. The replacement parts for this wltoys V913 Brushless are easily available making it an instant favorite.

Also, maintaining RC helicopter up to operating conditions is really easy if you follow basic RC helicopters maintenance guidelines.

Easy to operate multi-mode remote control offers optimal fun

No matter how cool your RC helicopter looks, it becomes a painful showpiece if its remote is not a user friendly one. This wltoys V913 Brushless comes with a hobby grade remote with modes for right or left hand throttle and also the remote is capable of controlling V912, v911 and a couple of quad-copters even. The communication is also great with no loss of wireless commands.


– Lots of maneuverability options.
– 2.4G technology for enhanced controls.
– Large operating radius of 150 meters.
– Offers stability even in strong wind environment.
– Aerodynamic and durable body parts made from plastic, metal alloys and electrical components
– Easy availability of body parts and easy to maintain.


– Does not use brush-less motor technology and cool down time is a bit longer.
– Takes about one hour of charging between flights.
– Gives about 8 minutes to 10 minutes of flight time depending on how aggressively you fly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q :  What is the length of this RC helicopter’s fuselage?
Ans:  The fuselage length of this helicopter is 21 inches without the blades.

Q:  Does the charger have North-American outlet converter available?
Ans: Yes and it comes with a plug converter for the required advantage.

Q: Is the motor a brush-less one?
Ans:  No it does not have brush-less motors.

Final Words

The size and features of  Wltoys V913 helicopter are the factors that make it stand apart from the rest in the same price range. The size gives it more weight and also, the gentle buzz it makes sounds really cool.

This wltoys v913 review brushless is intended to make you aware of the brilliant feature packed RC Helicopter and some of the great things it is capable of. Apart for the fact that it looks and sounds cool, it is also easy to operate.

The stability you get in this RC helicopter is excellent and its resistance against fairly strong breeze makes it a perfect outdoor fun companion.

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  1. aaron

    January 22, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Strange in your title you say its brushless motor but yet you say it isn’t brushless in the cons section? Also this helicopter is not 3D capable. Another words it can’t do 360 rolls or fly upside down. Why don’t you research a little before putting out wrong information?


    • Admin

      May 26, 2017 at 6:32 am

      Thanks aaron, for going through the content throughly.


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